Book a flight or order a burger with MultiOn
Book a flight or order a burger with MultiOn

Productivity, General purpose

Productivity, General purpose


  • The agent runs and controls the local Google Chrome, which allows it to interact with the world/services/web apps, just like people interact with the world/services/web apps using Google Chrome

  • The agent itself probably also runs locally and currently, it needs the local Google Chrome to function

  • Our understanding from the demo video is that they use local code and a custom plugin in ChatGPT to control a web browser (e.g., Google Chrome). This setup enables MultiOn to perform tasks like ordering plane tickets as if a human were interacting with the browser directly

  • Use cases

    • A lot of cool real use cases, e.g.,

      -Sending an email fully autonomously

      -Posting a tweet

      -Sending a tweet reply to a specific person with a specific message

      -Sending a Facebook message to a friend

      -Searching for vacation rentals and check pricing for an upcoming trip

      -Searching for a wedding venue and starting the wedding planning process

      -Scheduling a car wash

  • After introducing the GPT function calling, MultiOn can call itself recursively to spawn more sub-agents

  • Instead of calling multiple functions or APIs you just need one Universal Function that can interact with all services and have it call itself to accomplish more complex tasks in parallel


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