Sandbox metadata

You can assign metadata to your sandbox. This metadata will be available if you call Sandbox.list(). This can be useful in situation where each of your users have dedicated sandbox and the time between the steps of the integration is long. You can use the metadata to store the user id and reconnect to it later.

import { Sandbox } from 'e2b'

const sandbox = await Sandbox.create({
  template: 'base',
  metadata: { userID: 'uniqueID' }   
// Keep the sandbox alive for 60 seconds
await sandbox.keepAlive(60_000)
// You can even close the script

// Later, can be even from another process
// List all running sandboxes
const runningSandboxes = await Sandbox.list()
// Find the sandbox by metadata
const found = runningSandboxes.find(s => s.metadata?.userID === 'uniqueID')
if (found) {
  // Sandbox found, we can reconnect to it
  const sandbox = await Sandbox.reconnect(found.sandboxID)
} else {
  // Sandbox not found

await sandbox.close()